TruGrid Authenticator

TruGrid Authenticator works with and any site that supports Google Authenticator or TOTP-based two-factor authentication. This can be used for free, even without a subscription to If you do use it with TruGrid, then you also get Push Authentication included for free.

Improve your account security with an easy to use multi-factor authentication application. Provides an additional layer of security when signing in to accounts, so that even if someone had your password, they could not access your account. Once setup, when you sign into your account, you will use your login and password PLUS a one-time, rotating passcode generated from the TruGrid Authenticator. This will work even if you are temporarily offline.


  • Supports any TOTP-compatible sites that already supports Google Authenticator

  • Push Authentication (when using TruGrid; support for push on Android coming soon, iOS is released)

  • Quick setup via QR code scan

  • Add as many accounts as you would like

  • Edit account nicknames

  • Search for accounts

  • Setup PIN code


  • Download the TruGrid Authenticator to your mobile device. See links below.

  • Enable MFA (or sometimes called 2FA) on your account. Note: This is enabled by default when logging into accounts

  • When prompted with a QR code, select the plus icon in TruGrid Authenticator to scan and add the new account

  • Select the new account row added in TruGrid Authenticator

  • Enter code from TruGrid Authenticator into your site, app or service


If you are using TruGrid on a mobile iOS or Android device, please install the application from the respective app store link below.