I cannon thank Jim Keenan of Keenan Technologies enough. - Jodi F.
My laptop is my business and my livelihood. It shut down one night and wouldn’t restart. Jim started with supporting me over the phone to see if we could fix the problem immediately. When the support via phone reached it's limits Jim said he could look at my laptop in the morning.

I thought I was going to have to hand over my laptop for the entire day (and would have to order a new one immediately, hobbling through the rest of my week). I'm a Type-A, overachiever. This would have been incredibly difficult for me to deal with. The possible expense was not a welcome idea either.

The next morning, one hour after I sadly gave my laptop to Jim he let me know my laptop was fixed. Hallelujah!

Needless to say Jim is now one of my favorite, favorite, favorite people on the planet.

Keenan Tech is simply the best. - Andrew M.

Jim is wonderful to work with. Very honest, down to earth and very responsive.

A shout out to Jim Keenan of Keenan Technologies... - Phil S.
He made my 8 year old computer move like it was a new computer!!

Keenan Technology is looking to help small companies from 5-25 employees who want constant updates, expert set of eyes looking at your back ups, anti viruses, etc... so you do not lose valuable work hours with computers not running properly!!

Jim Keenan is a Networking genius.Mike G.

Jim Keenan is a Networking genius. We called him at 9:15 am and left a message. He called back 20 minutes later. Then spend the next 90 minutes remotely fixing our computer network and pointing out some data backup issues that we didn't even know we had.

Congratulations Keenan Technologies, you are our new IT company going forward. 


Jim is a great IT person. - Shannon B.

Jim is a great IT person. Fixes the problems and explains what is wrong. He teaches you how to fix small issues, so you don't always need to call him 


Would definitely refer him to anyone I know who needs IT services. - William W.

I had a client who was not getting the IT services they needed, so I referred them the Jim. The customer was ecstatic to get the help they needed with the personal service they wanted. Would definitely refer him to anyone I know who needs IT services.


We can't recommend him highly enough! - Andrew B.

Jim Keenan always provides our Chiropractic clinic with fast and reliable service. He has saved us time and money on more than one occasion. He has not only fixed our software and hardware issues, but he has also taught us how to use our systems more efficiently. He is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with; we can't recommend him highly enough! 


Keenan technologies is a great wealth of knowledge regarding IT issues - Luke H.

Jim Keenan with Keenan technologies is a great wealth of knowledge regarding IT issues and I would highly recommend him to any resident or business looking to get their IT needs met.


Very knowledgeable company and extremely professional. - Lauren C.


I have a great computer guy! - Judy S.

I have a great computer guy! Jim Keenan! This is my second time having to call Jim because I could not get my laptop to start.  I tried desperately for over an hour until my assistant took a look and said, call your guy, Jim. I called Jim and he happened to be in the area in stopped in within a few minutes, took a look and fixed the issue within minutes.  I have never had someone who is so attentive to our computer needs.  Amazing, I have waited (for my other/ old guy) in the past for a week to get an issue corrected that left our office in a bad position trying to run a business. I am so relieved that I have finally found someone who cares enough to go out of his way to be sure we are taken care of as quick as possible.