Keenan Technologies Service Offerings

Keenan Technologies is dedicated to the technological needs and desires of their clients. We will provide timely, professional service at an affordable and fair price.


Please see below for a more comprehensive list of what we offer and how we might approach certain scenarios to meet your needs. 

Business Prices

  • General IT Services: $125 per hour

  • Minimum Time: 1 hour

  • Billed at 15-minute increments after initial hour

  • Travel billed hourly from departure within 60 miles

  • Travel billed hourly both directions when destination is over 60 miles

  • After hours/ emergency triage work is billed at double time ($200/hr), unless pre-arranged with Keenan Technologies, LLC.

  • Ask about our competitive Managed Service Program

Small Business Networking

If you have a hodge podge of equipment in your office, we can come in and meet and create a comprehensive plan to get you systems networked and talking the way they should. This would allow for collaboration and sharing of data on your internal network, while protecting those assets from the open exposure on the World Wide Web. Perhaps you are hoping to collaborate between two or more offices? This is a common occurrence and we know of several ways to accomplish this for you.

Hosted Email and Data

Email slow and out dated? Want to be able to get you calendar on your cell phone and have emails sync across devices? Perhaps you are concerned about the security of your current email service? Keenan Technologies can get you set up with todays technologies to address these types of concerns. Hosted exchange email, cloud enabled anti-virus suites and shared cloud drives are just a few of the options we handle for our current clients. 

Server Installations

Either on-premise or cloud server set up. This includes updating your current servers as well. Working with Microsoft Server platforms from 2000 - 2016. Updating your technology to the latest Server technologies will offer more security, reliability and in most cases more productivity to your infrastructure. Contact us to set up an appointment where we can perform an infrastructure assessment and make logical 

Remote Support

Sometimes we cannot always be onsite to support you and your issues. To tackle an issue like this Keenan Technologies uses Teamviewer to remotely control your equipment (with your prior permission, of course) and take care of issues that may or may not allow for repair without being right on site. Email settings, virus removal, mapped drive configuration and windows updates are just a few of the tasks commonly addressed through a remote connection.

Local and Cloud Backup

In todays world, data is king. When a company loses access to their data, how much revenue do they lose in downtime, resources, loss of sales, etc? Having a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to your backup strategy is key in making sure data can be quickly restored after a crisis. There is no cookie cutter solution that works with every scenario. This is where Keenan Technologies can help immensely, we can look at your current data set, look at what you have backed up and what you do not have backed up and create a data disaster recovery plan that makes sense for your needs.

Business Wireless

Ubiquiti Networks Unifi Wireless system os a high-performance routing and advanced security solution for any sized business. There are wireless access points, security cameras and VoIP (Voice over IP) phone solutions in this product line. "UniFi®is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, a central management controller and disruptive pricing." If your business is dealing with the pains of a poor or underwhelming wireless solution, contact us and we can work out a solution that will give you a more robust wireless network with better security, more coverage and several options to make your wireless network work for you. 


Sometimes a client's needs are in a larger scope or outside our realm of expertise. Instead of misrepresenting ourselves and taking on a project that could potentially leave the client exposed or unhappy. We will reach out to our extensive network of professionals in region and get a solution together that fits your needs. We will facilitate an introduction or we can represent you through the process and ensure the vendors solution meets your projectected outcome with the least amount of inturruption as possible. I would rather be really good at what I do and rely on partners to fill in the void, as opposed to being a jack of all trades and master of none.

Virus Removal and protection

Everyone has a bad day, you might click on a link in an email because you are preoccupied with a deadline or some other important event. The next thing you know, your day gets much slower and your computer is no longer yours, it is not working as it should. This is where we come in and remove the virus and get your productivity back to what it should be. We can also offer a solution to make sure your system(s) stay protected and keep a regular schedule of malware scans.