How much work can you accomplish without your computer, your network or your data? How much is an hour, a day, or a week, worth to your business? Lost productivity due to technological failures cost businesses billions of dollars a year. How will you handle your business when technology decides fails in your environment?


Keenan Technologies firmly believes in preventative maintenance of the technology their clients use. It saves money and reduces downtime making your business more productive and your employees more satisfied.


KeenanCare is a powerful software agent that provides IT maintenance & monitoring, system patching, anti-malware support, data backups and more. KeenanCare offers our clients the comfort of having a full suite of services performed for them automatically as if they had an IT person on site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


This service is good for ALL businesses that have computers, servers, networks, and technology. Even if you have an IT person, KeenanCare can offset their time on redundant maintenance tasks and give them more time for end users.


KeenanCare – Patching


Using the most advanced software on the market to Patch Windows and 3rd Party Software. KeenanCare can maintain a secure and stable windows environment. Once installed KeenanCare will maintain your servers and workstations with minimal system overhead. All updates can be scheduled to take place after hours to not interrupt your business needs.


KeenanCare – Maintenance


KeenanCare will recognize issues with your machines as they are happening and attempt to repair these issues on the fly. It will also log these interactions and contact the Keenan Technologies team if it becomes an issue that cannot be repaired automatically.


KeenanCare – Asset Tracking


Keenantech offers real-time inventory management, with hardware usage, software installs, excessive resource usage and general PC/ Laptop health. It is imperative in today’s business environment for our equipment to run smoothly and as productively as possible. KeenanCare covers this as well and will keep tabs on where your equipment is and helps you make better equipment repair/ replace decisions.


KeenanCare – Remote Support


End-to-End secure remote connections, which use a two-factor HIPAA compliant authentication, allow KeenanCare technicians to help you without having to send someone to your site, saving you money. While not all problems can be taken care of remotely, we will always try that first. All remote sessions are less expensive with KeenanCare, look to our pricing for details.


KeenanCare – Hybrid Backup


The Keenan Technologies team wants your data to be safe. One of the biggest shortfalls for most firms within their IT department, is the lack of backups. If you have one backup, you need to consider that you have none. If you have two back up options, you essentially have one. Keenancare will take a multi-faceted approach to your data and your infrastructure. We will provide for a hybrid backup solution which can be fine-tuned to meet any data structure your business has.


KeenanCare – Malware support


Keenan Technologies has partnered with several of the industry’s leading Anti-Virus/ Anti-Malware companies to bring a more secure and safer environment to their clients. Real-time virus protection and tools to help the more zealous web adventurists get out of trouble should they find they have been targeted by malware. 

KeenanCare - Email Hosting


Keenan Technologies hosts clients email within a partnership with Microsoft Office365. You can benefit from the security and reliability of an exchange environment without the costly overhead of purchasing and running the environment in-house. There are several options for your business, from enhanced mailboxes to full implementations of the latest Microsoft Office Suite. 




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